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Accreditation is critical to accounting degrees and long-term success as an accountant. It is important to consider the accreditation, not just of the college or university, but also of the accounting program itself. For the greatest career opportunities and salaries, you should pursue an accounting degree from a regionally accredited college or university.

To increase your opportunities even further, you should select an accounting program that is accredited by one of the top professional accounting organizations. If you choose to begin with a basic accounting certificate and continue your education as you gain valuable work experience, you’ll want to be sure that your credits will transfer to another accredited college or university after you complete the one-year certificate program. To make absolutely certain that credits will transfer and that you will be able to sit for any exam or certification you want, you’ll want to attend a school with the best accounting accreditation.

The agency that offers specific accounting accreditation is:


State Boards of Accountancy

State Boards of Accountancy

The State Boards of Accountancy were created to assure the public that the CPA professionals are licensed,


The CPA Exam Guide

The CPA Exam Guide

Are you planning to pursue a career as a licensed Certified Public Accountant (CPA)? Individuals who enjoy working with financial information,


What Is Accounting?

What Is Accounting?

Accounting is a practice that dates back to the early days of human civilization. When people began to trade goods in large quantities,


What is Auditing?

What is Auditing?

Auditing, a staple of accounting practice, is the process of examining the accuracy of financial statements and a company's


Accounting vs. Auditing

Accounting vs. Auditing

When you compare auditing and accounting, you quickly learn that the difference isn't merely academic. They are two different,


Accounting and Finance

Accounting and Finance

Though they may seem similar, and sometimes they overlap, there are real differences between a job or a college or university


Financial Accounting

Financial Accounting

Financial accounting is far more than systemically recording all of a business’ transactions.


Public vs. Private Accounting

Public vs. Private Accounting

Accounting isn’t a “one size fits all” career path. Once you graduate and sit for your certification exam,


Salaries by State

Salaries by State

Accountants hold a vital role in keeping businesses large and small operating throughout the U.S.


Scholarships For Accounting

Scholarships For Accounting

Accounting scholarships come from many sources. Universities and Colleges award scholarships for

Accounting Associations


Whether you join one, or a few, accounting associations as a student, you will open doors that would normally not be available to you so early in your career. Many associations are free; however, those that charge a fee will often have significant discounts for students. You will have access to networking, internships, mentors, and conferences. Such associations will also provide you with real-world learning opportunities that are not taught in a classroom.

Here are a few of these associations created just for accountants and accounting students:

Study Resources


This is an extensive resource base for students in accounting. You will find a large number of study guides for nearly every area of the profession.


Rescue time is an ideal way to keep student accountants on a rigid schedule. You will be able to track the exact amount of time you spend on each activity, and it can even block social media temporarily to keep you on task.


Accounting-simplified is dedicated to providing a deep database of accounting resources for accounting students. The platform is also significantly more user-friendly than many other sites.


Accounting Coach is a blog dedicated to answering questions about accounting for individuals of all levels of accounting abilities. It addresses the most relevant and recent information, and you can easily search the site for past posts and responses.


The National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA)

All students should familiarize themselves with NASBA as early as possible. Their website will help guide you and prepare you for state licensure, as well as to utilize ample study resources essential for students and professionals alike.

Open/Student Access Journals

  • The CPA Journal - Despite being meant for CPAs and including some very specific accounting issues, this magazine is available online in an easy-to-skim format that students will be able to use to keep up with the accounting news of the day and thought leaders in the industry.
  • Journal of Accountancy - Another magazine with articles available online for anyone interested in flipping through articles on accounting and business practices from leading accountants. It is published by AICPA.
  • Accounting Today - This is another publication available online with no subscription. Just go to the website for news, web seminars, and more.
  • Accounting, Auditing & Accountability Journal - Published by Emerald Group Publishing, this journal has partial open access to archived editions of its published material.

Accounting Job Boards

Accounting Temp Agencies


Using an accounting temp agency is a great way to enter into the job market. The accounting profession is quite competitive, and you will have to be able to verify your skills before landing a top accounting job. Whether you wish to work for one of the big four or simply manage the accounting of a small business, employers want proof that you can do the job. A temp agency allows you to gain experience and prove yourself to potential long-term employers, and the agency finds the work for you rather than you having to do so yourself.

Here are some of the top temp agencies that work with accounting professionals:

Accounting Professionals

Much like joining professional accounting associations as a student, becoming a member of several accounting associations as a professional is even more important. These groups allow you to stay on top of the latest trends, regulations, and changes to accounting practices. They also provide additional certifications to specialize in more niche-based accounting areas, which can allow you to increase your job opportunities and pay.

Certification Study Resources

Professional accounting certifications are a fast way to increase your annual salary and to boost your professional credibility. You can choose to specialize in certain fields within accounting, such as to become a CPA, CMA, CFA, or EA. The more specialized you become the greater your chances of landing top jobs. These study resources will help you prepare for such examinations in accounting.

Professional Journals

  • The Accounting Review: The Accounting Review is published and distributed by the American Accounting Association. The focus is to present accounting research results each quarter and to explain the findings.
  • Accounting Today: Accounting Today is a news-based site focused on the latest accounting information in the US, including regulations, growth sectors, small and large firms and strategies for management.
  • Journal of Accountancy: The Journal of Accountancy is published by the American Institute of CPAs. Each month, the AICPA publishes information regarding a wide variety of accounting topics and sectors, such as news and industry developments.
  • Journal of Accounting and Economics: The Journal of Accounting and Economics focuses on the influence of both economic theory and shifts in accounting practices. The publication is available three times each year.

Industry Conferences

  • AICPA Engage 2020: The AICPA hosts the Engage conference each year. The focus is to drive progressive and new ideas that will improve the core practice of all accounting professionals.
  • IMA’s Annual Conference & Expo: The IMA Conference focuses on small business accounting, ethics, competitive analysis, budgeting, planning, forecasting and much more. It will be held in San Diego in 2020 and Jay Leno will be just one of the speakers.
  • 2020 American Accounting Association Annual Meeting: The AAA annual meeting in 2020 will focus on higher education, global markets, radical transformations, information exchanges and more. It will also take the time to discuss the impact of new technologies on the industry.

Professional Software

Whether you learn about all of these softwares in your college courses or not, these are all things you can learn in your own time to increase your attractiveness to employers. Employers who use these programs are looking for professionals with previous experience so that they can get right to work without a long training process.

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